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Why securing provenance is key

Provenance comprises the story, ownership and the journey of an object. It adds value in various ways. It increases the credibility of the owner, prevents disputes about legitimate ownership and helps objects move in a world in which origin, compliance and due diligence are of great importance.

Why Provenance+ was founded and its goal

Provenance+ was founded by Paul Kerckhoffs, collector, valuator and former partner and notary of a tier-one law firm. Currently, there is no independent and safe system for registering, identifying and tracking art. By connecting the art world and the notary, Provenance+ is dedicated to make a contribution to a new governance for safe provenance.

Kerckhoffs: "My personal goal is to encourage all stakeholders in the art world to take cultural responsibility. As a collector and former notary, this subject has always fascinated me. So I made a private investment to start Provenance+ in order prove that we can make a difference. Future profits will be used to support safe art registration initiatives, such as research and scholarships, through the independent Foundation for Safe Art Registration. This foundation aims to serve as an international platform where initiatives in the area of art provenance registration are encouraged, promoted and critically examined."


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