Expert meeting in Maastricht

28 June 2022 – During TEFAF, Provenance+ co-organised with the Maastricht University and MACCH an expert meeting on Provenance and Compliance for Art and Collectibles.

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Paul Kerckhoffs speaks at the congress of the Dutch association of notaries

9 June 2022 - Provenance+ founder Paul Kerckhoffs briefly addressed the Dutch notaries about the role that the civil law notary could have as the most independent and confidential gatekeeper for safe provenance.

The notaries and their role as gatekeeper was discussed in an international context.

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Provenance+ in the magazine for the Dutch notaries

May 2022 – In the May edition of the Dutch magazine for notaries (Notariaat Magazine), founder Paul Kerckhoffs elaborated about the Provenance+ project and the need for the notaries’ role in registrations.  

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Webinar hosted by our partner 3D AG

28 April 2022 – Together with 3D AG, Provenance+ developed an holographic sticker that can be used for the most safe identification of an object. 3D AG organized a webinar in the Brands on Point! Series, attended by a worldwide audience. Paul Kerckhoffs, founder of Provenance+, told the fascinating story of provenance and this progressive initiative which should contribute to a new governance for provenance.


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